Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let us live on

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind.

Mankind -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation.

We're fighting for our right to live, to exist.

And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We're going to live on!

We're going to survive!"

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!


Robert Westervelt said...


Librocrat said...


Librocrat said...

By the way, I have a blogger avatar. But to be fair, my dog is awesome.

PositivePaul said...

We're OFF THE AIR...


Robert Westervelt said...

This Blog is Corco proof.

Goose said...

Firefox offered me an update when LL died. Firefox was originally called Pheonix. Rising from the ashes.

Are the internet gods(FSM) trying to tell us something?

DCMariner said...

So is this like the bombshelter? And did anyone get one of the other SBN blogs to grab our mail while we're away? Crap, and what about the newspaper!

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Graham needs to post here so I can Moderate him.