Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why Post For Free?

Under Neo-LL's new policy, I will pay YOU money to share your hip ideas with me. Thats right no more being exploited for your hard work. Here is how it is going to work:

Bronze Level: 1 cent a post*
Silver Level: 2 cents a post with a $9.99 monthly membership fee
Gold Level: 5 cents a post with a 59.99 monthly membership fee
Platinum Level: THE ultimate value for your money; 10 cents a post with access to elusive platinum level members only content for just $119.99 a month

*David J Cocrocran is only eligible to redeem 10% of his bronze level earnings.


LFOJL said...

We wait until Gomez gets tired of writing the minor league wrap ups and then one of us volunteers for the job. Once he gets it, he simply ban all the other mods and makes the rest of us mods

JI said...

I wish to be paid in recs.